Bayan Academy's Entrepreneurship programs empower entrepreneurs and increase their learning, management skills, leadership, and access to opportunities. We develop training and mentoring programs to entrepreneurs by providing them with the knowledge, skills, and competencies in entrepreneurship and management to develop, grow, and evolve their enterprises. As Bayan Academy sees the importance of supporting entrepreneurs, we embark on deeper engagements with this sector and leverage its existing resources, enhance and update its products and services further to fit the current business situation including digitalization.

Enhancing Digital Economy Participation for ASEAN Women MSMEs (IDEAS Project)

IDEAS Project is funded by ASEAN-Korea Cooperation Fund (AKCF) and supported by ASEAN Secretariat. Asia Pacific Women’s Information Network Center (APWINC) at Sookmyung Women’s University is appointed as an implementing agency of the project, and Bayan Academy was one of the chosen implementing institution in the Philippines.

The IDEAs Project, is funded by the ASEAN-Korea Cooperation Fund (AKCF), and implemented by Asia Pacific Women’s Information Center (APWINC), a UNESCO Chair in Communication Technology for Women.

The project aims to build the e-business capacity of ASEAN women entrepreneurs and benefit 14 local implementing institutions, 255 local e-business experts, and 4,002 female MSMEs in ASEAN countries.

Bayan Academy as one of the local implementing institutions in the Philippines is tasked to strengthen the e-business competency of 275 women entrepreneurs through e-business and ICT training.

This 5- year project will run from 2022-2026 and will carry out capacity building activities such as training and mentoring, enabling the women entrepreneurs to participate and thrive in the digital economy.  

Benefits of Entrepreneurship

Local Training

This localized training program that focuses on two major areas: 1)Digital Skills, 2) eBusiness.

The women entrepreneurs will learn how to levergae the use of difital tools and strategies to grow their business in the digital economy.


The mentoring component of the localized training program provides an avenue for a deeper engagement and learning experience.

Grant Assistance

To help women entrepreneurs transition their businesses to eCommerce, a minimal grant will be awarded to them. The amount will be used in registering their business and creating/producing promotional materials

Women's Initiative for Social Enterprises (WISE) Project

The Women's Initiative for Social Enterprises (WISE),Project, funded by Wells Fargo, a gender-sensitive capacity-building program that empowers women microentrepreneurs towards business success

WISE Project aims to economically empower women microentrepreneurs (WMEs) by improving their management skills, enhancing leadership capability, and increasing access to business opportunities.

Benefits of the WISE Project

GWEn Training

The GREAT Women Entrepreneurship (GWEn) Training is a gender-sensitive capacity-building program that aims to guide the entrepreneur in elevating their competitiveness and support them in growing their micro-enterprises.


The WISE Project's mentoring helps enterprises with growth strategies and operational planning, fostering confidence and innovation through group discussions, leading to improved business processes, product development, market expansion, and confidence for WMEs.



Small Enterprise Acceleration Lab (SEAL) that seeks to assist and develop interventions for small and microenterprises in the country.

This track, called, Small Enterprise Growth Agenda or SEAL SEGA, is a search for start-up businesses that are ready to develop their viable business ventures. The project is designed to meet the needs of start-up businesses through training, mentoring sessions, and cash grants.

The training program aims to help the startups assess their enterprise from products/services, operations, and marketing. The program hopes to assist the entrepreneurs to develop their start-up enterprise development plan.

By the end of the training program, the start-up entrepreneurs will be given a chance to showcase their plans through the business pitch. Selected winners shall receive cash grants and move on to the mentorship program where in they will be partnered with experts.

This initiative led by BPI Foundation and Bayan Academy is geared toward recognizing the significance of start-ups and upscaling the potential of these micro-enterprises to small enterprises.

Benefits of SEAL SEGA Program

Free webinars and online training for eligible microenterprises.

SEAL SEGA modules cover entrepreneurship, situation mastery, enterprise mastery, and strategic planning, guiding micro-enterprises to develop winning strategies via strategic plans, aiding future directions and attracting partners or funding.

Cash Grant for winners of SEAL SEGA business challenge

After the training program, the qualified participants will showcase their training output as business pitches and selected winners will receive a cash grant.

Mentoring for Business Plan and Grant Utilization

Cash grant winners proceed to mentoring with expert partners, focusing on their enterprise profile, challenges, and proposed plans from the BPI SEAL SEGA challenge, with mentors aiding decision-making during plan implementation.

Meta Seller Responsibility 2023

In 2023, Meta transitioned into a new perspective in collaboration with Bayan Academy, the Meta Seller Responsibility is specifically geared toward enhancing the capabilities of MSMEs to promote their goods and services in the digital landscape. It focused on fostering a secure online environment for responsible transactions, especially in light of the increased integration of digital processes into business operations of our MSMEs.

Moreover, the program addressed the prevalent issue of fraud and scams in the online sphere. It sought to support entrepreneurs in safeguarding their online presence and reinforcing the trust of consumers. This aspect became increasingly crucial today where digital transactions and interactions were prevalent, and instances of fraudulent activities online could impact both businesses and consumer confidence in the platform.

In essence, Meta and Bayan Academy ensured that Meta Seller Responsibility Training was an initiative that aimed to equipped MSMEs with the necessary skills and knowledge to use the platform of Meta securely while leveraging effective promotional tools, fostering a trustworthy and resilient online platform for MSMEs.

Benefits of this META Training

Policy Training

MSEs gained awareness of security standards related to fraud and scams, and be guided on Philippines Laws and Policies applicable to sellers. This includes information on seller responsibilities, rights and obligations, data protection, fair marketing, advertising practices, as well as procedures for exchanges, cancellations, and refunds. This session is also a platform to understand Meta's Community Standards.

Creativity Training

This training equipped MSEs with the skills to engaged effectively with their customers by maximizing the use of Reels and leveraging Canva to create high-quality promotional materials for their businesses.

Meta LEAP (Level Up Enterprise Advancement Program)

The pandemic in 2020 hastened the movement toward the digital economy as well as the conduct of e-commerce in order to help keep micro, small, and medium businesses afloat. This year was all about business resiliency and continuity amidst very uncertain and challenging times.

Thus, META LEAP or Level Up Enterprise Advancement Program was implemented with the collaboration of the different government agencies, NGOs, private organizations, financial service and digital payment providers to assist MSMEs in their recovery.

Bayan Family of Foundations also supported Meta’s initiative to develop Philippine e-commerce by capacitating and mobilizing informal online enterprises. The goal of forming an advocacy group that will engage with government and policy makers to push for the interests of the informal sector and online sellers was done through a three-pronged approach of education, community organizing, and public relations.

Benefits of Entrepreneurship


This training initiative emphasizes on policy for sellers, registration processes, financial literacy, and digital marketing. Small and medium enterprises (MSEs) can boost their capabilities through this program by creating impactful marketing promotion on the Meta platform, while ensuring their awareness of the necessary processes to legitimize their online business operations.


MSEs who attended the program from Meta LEAP Program are qualified for the deep dive mentoring sessions. These are composed of 3 batches which aims to helped the MSEs to strengthen the marketing plan of the enterprises,review and plan on how the enterprise will be able to address demand from possible markets and translate the marketing plan into a digital marketing content using Meta platforms (FB & IG) with guidance from mentors.

BPI Sinag

BPI Sinag, funded by and in partnership with BPI Foundation Inc., aims to produce more effective, impactful, ethical, and sustainable Filipino businesses. The program is composed of a social entrepreneurship challenge and a series of online learning opportunities or roadshows for the ecosystem that include educators and SE support intervenors that it supports.

The BPI Sinag Social Entrepreneurship Challenge is an annual search for social entrepreneurs whose enterprises are ready to scale up while deepening their impact in community development. The program is intended for social entrepreneurs whose enterprises focus on sustainable business models that address social and environmental problems, particularly in agribusiness, education, health, energy, technology, and other marginalized sectors across the archipelago. The program focuses on promoting business resiliency.

The social enterprise must have a clear and significant market potential alongside with the socio-economic impact to its target beneficiaries. Thus, the business model should be responsive to the ever-changing business environment and allow the social enterprise to grow and adapt or shift when needed while staying true to their mission of supporting communities and creating impact in their respective sectors.

The program is composed of three phases: search, learn, and boost. It opens up various opportunities to allow the chosen participants to grow, giving them access to grants and mentorship and markets.

Benefits of BPI Sinag Program


The BPI Sinag Bootcamp or The Entrepreneurial Process and Social Enterprise Development Bootcamp is meant to significantly improve the competency of the participating social entrepreneurs and social enterprise managers in carrying out the critical management functions, processes, and innovations of their respective social enterprises and most importantly, their ability to become the best social entrepreneurs that they can become through self-mastery.

This part of the programs deepens knowledge of the social enterprise model and highlights its benefits for entrepreneurs.

Webinars and other Networking events

The BPI Sinag program also provides a space for active and aspiring social entrepreneurs to discuss trends, issues, and best practices. Through these events, they can meet up and establish connections, and work on collaboration efforts. These webinars also highlight the stories and experiences of social entrepreneurs and provide a stage for industry experts, partners, and thought leaders to share their learnings and findings.


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Beneficiary testimonials

Let our members reviews prove our academy.


As a mentee of the BPI SEAL SEGA program, i am grateful for the opportunities and resources provided to help me gro my business. Through webinars, mentoring sessions, and cash grant, I was able to develop new skills, expand my network ,and make strategic investmnents that have resulted in significant growth for my business. The program has been instrumental in helping me achieve my goals and I would highly recommend it to any aspiring entrepreneur.

Jasmin Obatay
Proprietor, JAO Plaque Awards

I am super grateful na maging one of the SEAL SEGA winners, tunay na blessing po ito para sa aming pamilya. Thank you sa opportunity na maipagpatuloy namin ang aming business na sinimulan pa ng aming mga magulang noon. big help po ito not only to us but also to people na magiging bahagi ng negosyo namin. To God be all the glory!

Maribel Dolz
Owner, Mabz Homemade Food Trading

BPI SEAL SEGA sealed my belief that whatever you put your heart into, you will succeed. Through this program, Kusina University gave the chance to review how best it can serve its customers that led to our nomination to the "2023 Go Negosyo's Most Inspiring Filipina Entrepreneur"

Jane Vitorillo
Coach, Kusina University

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