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Chairman and President Opening Message

Bayan Academy, which was initially the ABS-CBN Bayan Foundation (ABFI) education and training program, has become the country's leader in enterprise development and educational programs.

Thousands of Filipino families' lives have changed for the better due to our programs that democratize entrepreneurship and management education. The lengthy roster of programs - from providing support to marginalized and disadvantaged sectors of society, upscaling the potential of micro-enterprises to small enterprises, to assisting companies in their corporate social responsibility programs - is solid proof that Bayan Academy is credible in building the nation from below.

We have consistently offered initiatives to empower Filipinos to engage in social entrepreneurship. In order to adjust to external events, such as crises or inevitable changes in the business environment, we have also routinely changed our programs. Our programs have expanded to consist of livelihood seminars and in-person technical-vocational skills training, as well as online courses in digital marketing and e-commerce.  Because we recognize social media's rising significance in the expansion of businesses, we also provide programs that assist individuals in making the most of social media as a tool for business.

As part of our human capital formation, we have provided education, training, and human development programs to train and develop a pipeline of highly skilled and adaptive workers for various sectors of the economy. These programs are designed to help them find gainful employment to improve their lives materially.

The programs we have done since inception wouldn't have been possible had it not been for the donors and partners who believed in the capability of Bayan Academy to deliver programs that provide meaningful impact to the community.  In a similar vein, the team's full involvement was necessary for the success of our programs, which is Bayan Academy's fundamental strength.

Through strategic alliances and partnerships with public and private sectors, Bayan Academy has done so much, and we intend to do more because there is still much more to be done for the Philippines.  

Inspired by our vision of happy, healthy, and wealthy Filipino families supported by effective and sustainable social enterprise networks, we at Bayan Family are constantly forming partnerships with various external organizations to serve even more Filipinos. In addition, in the coming years, we will optimize our relationship with Bayan Academy's sister foundations under the Bayan Family of Foundations umbrella - Bayan Enterprise Developers and Growers Inc. (Bayan EDGE), Bayan Innovation Group (BIG) and Bayan Social Entrepreneurship Action Research Foundation (SEARCH) in providing holistic end-to-end solutions for social enterprises.

As we continuously recover from the onslaught of the recent pandemic, the democratization of entrepreneurship and management education has never been more necessary and relevant. Together, let's build the nation from below.

Prof. Francisco M. Bernardo III

Chairman and President


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