Empowering Social Entrepreneurs

Bayan Academy is a leading social development organization offering entrepreneurship and management training programs.

Making a Positive Impact Through Entrepreneurship and Education

At Bayan Academy, we are dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations through our comprehensive entrepreneurship and education training programs. With a focus on social development, 
we have successfully trained thousands of entrepreneurs, served numerous institutions, and completed impactful projects.

Institutional Achievements

Bayan Academy uses a common approach in dealing with diverse client groups by building capital. It builds intellectual capital through research, 
the production of books and other knowledge materials that it shares with its clients and partners

Intellectual Capital Formation
Human Capital Formation
Social Capital Formation
Community Capital Formation

Intellectual Capital

WE build intellectual capital through research, the production of books and other knowledge materials that it shares with its clients and partners.

Human Capital Formation

We build human capital through education, training and human development programs.

Social Capital Formation

We build social capital through our partnerships with communities, schools, government and non-government organizations.

Community Capital Formation

Bayan Academy reaches out to communities and provides them with interventions that would benefit the community as a whole through various programs. We build community capital by involving the community and using community-based resources in its social enterprises.

Driving Social Change Through Education and Entrepreneurship

Establishment and Growth

Founded in 2008 under the leadership of Prof. Eduardo Morato, Bayan Academy emerged from ABS-CBN Bayan Foundation's initiatives, backed by the Lopez Group of Companies. Registered in January 2009, it aims to democratize entrepreneurship and management education in the Philippines.

Innovative Learning Hub

Beyond a training facility, Bayan Academy serves as a pioneering laboratory for developing new teaching methodologies and technologies. It focuses on creating innovative learning materials catering specifically to the entrepreneurial poor.

Visionary Goals

Envisioned as the Center for Social Entrepreneurship in Asia, Bayan Academy aims to transcend national boundaries, leading the region in fostering social innovation and economic empowerment.

Collaborative Approach

Operating as a "Servicer of Servicers," Bayan Academy collaborates with a network of like-minded partners in social development. By pooling expertise and resources, it addresses market demands, especially in microfinance and microenterprise sectors.

Capital Building

Bayan Academy employs a multifaceted approach to building capital, including intellectual, human, social, and community capital. Through research, education programs, partnerships, and community engagement, it fosters holistic development.

Strategic Partnerships

Bayan Academy has cultivated partnerships with esteemed organizations like the Department of Education, Facebook, Globe Telecom, and various foundations, amplifying its impact and reach.

Tailored Learning Modalities

Recognizing diverse learning preferences, Bayan Academy offers various modalities, from tailor-fit livelihood courses to technopreneurship programs, catering to different beneficiaries' needs and aspirations.

Democratizing Opportunities

Central to its mission, Bayan Academy democratizes entrepreneurship, education, and employment opportunities, making them accessible to all segments of society.

Our Vision

We, the able stewards of Bayan Aacdemy, envision a happy, healthy and wealthy Filipino Nation built on the strength of enterprising families, caring communities and progressive industries.

Our Mission

We pledge to uplift the lives of Filipino families to ensure their total well-being.

We pledge to foster the development, growth and evolution of enterprises so that they can become more competitive and achieve the goals set by the entrepreneurs.

We pledge to be the innovative leader in developing the appropriate technology, practices and techniques for financial institutions serving micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

We pledge to become the benchmark of other financial institutions in terms of creating social impact while delivering our Triple A services of Assessing, Advising and Assisting the MSMEs.

We pledge to become a knowledge resource center for enterprise development.

The 12 Virtues of Bayan Academy

Discover the culture and attitude that define Bayan's exceptional team.

Virtues of the mind


or awareness of issues and mindful 
of situational contexts


or the ability to perform the good work expected


or the ability to generate innovative ideas and execute them

Critical Thinking

skills to discern what is important and what is not

Virtues of the heart


to go where others fear to tread


or total dedications to one's work and mission


to care for and nurture others


to work well with others

Virtues of the soul


or the strong sense of right and wrong and the willingness to do what needs to be done


or the ability to inspire, motivate and influence others to follow the right path


respect for other


or a high level of self worth

Bayan Academy builds intellectual capital through research, the production of books and other knowledge materials that it shares with its clients and partners.

Curriculum Design and Materials Development

• Design and Development of high school, undergraduate, masters and doctoral programs on entrepreneurship and management

• Development of Technopreneurship Modules

• Development of a template for Senior High School Implementation

• Development of a Strategic Planning Workbook for the Department of Education

Value Chain Studies

• Commodity Study/Risk Management of Cacao, Banana and Rice for Oikocredit

• Value Chain Analysis of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) players for Oxfam

• Philippine Creative Industries Mapping: Towards the Development of a National Strategy

Case Studies and Publications

  • Development of Social Enterprise Case Studies for the Peace and Equity Foundation
  • Environmental and Socioeconomic Impact and Case Studies of ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation, Inc. (ALKFI) Ecotourism-Assisted Projects in Puerto Princesa, Palawan
  • Development of texts and cases for the Center for Community Transformation's (CCT) "Touching Lives in the Poverty Spectrum"

Community Profiling and Area Assessment

  • Community Profiling and Needs Assessment of Six Energy Development Corporation (EDC) Sites in Regions VI, IX, X and XI
  • Post-Yolanda Area Development Plans of Marabut, Samar, Basey, Samar; Dulag, Leyte; and Santa Rita, Samar
  • CCT Area Development Plans for Haiyan-affected Areas

Organizational Assessment and Development

  • Manualization of Ramcar Food Group’s Operation Processes, Protocols and Procedures for the Activation of the Knowledge Resource Center
  • Organizational Diagnosis, Design and Development of ALKFI
  • Total Performance Management System of Marketing Convergence, Inc.

Bayan Academy builds human capital through its education, training and human development programs.

Strategic Planning and Management

•Ramcar Group of Companies (Food Group and Philippine Batteries , Inc.)

•Social Security System


•Technical and Administrative Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines

•Strategizing Workshop for First Gen’s Corporate Social Responsibility

Entrepreneurship and Management Programs

•Management of Health Development Program for Zuellig Family Foundation

•Highly Specialized Entrepreneurship Program for Creatives and Designers (Design Center of the Philippines)

•Finance for Non-Finance Training with Mentoring for Dragon Edge Group

•Bayantel Assistance Program

Whole Brain Thinking and Learning and Self Mastery

  • Whole Brain Approach to Customer Service for Medicard
  • Leadership Training and Development Program for NATCCO
  • Leadership Development Program for Ropali Corporation
  • Globe Way Learning Series

Teachers’ Training

  • Teachers’ Training on Entrepreneurship for the K to 12 Basic Education Program
  • Trainors’ Training on Grassroots Entrepreneurship and Management
  • Principals' Training on Strategic Planning and Self Mastery
  • Faculty Capability Building Program (FCBP): Learning Methodologies & Materials Development (LMMD) and Teaching Entrepreneurship and Management (TEM)

Health and Wellness Courses

  • Ayurveda Lifestyle Counselors’ Training

Bayan Academy builds social capital through its partnerships with communities, schools, government and non-government organizations.

Citi Foundation

Corporate Foundations and International NGOs

• Skills training, training of teachers, entrepreneurship trainings, outsourced research


• Course development, materials development, joint and outsourced training, research studies, strategic planning


• Training of teachers, course development, materials development, joint research


• Skills Training, employment, training venue and equipment

Microfinance Institutions, Non-Government Organizations, Religious Organizations, Cooperatives and Associations

• Entrepreneurship training, skills training, research

Private Corporations

• Outsourced training, research, awards and publications, strategic planning, materials development, IT

Bayan Academy builds community capital by involving the community and using community-based resources in its social enterprises.

  • Bayan EDGE acted as fund manager (on behalf of ALKFI) of the ADB-Community Innovation Fund, an interest-free loan scheme that supported small enterprises in ALKFI’s BayaniJuan Southville 7 resettlement project in Calauan, Laguna.
  • Repayments amounting to Php 5 million (as of December 2016) were deposited intact in the bank account of the BNJPA (Bayan ni Juan Producers’ Association) and turned over to selected community beneficiaries.
  • Bayan EDGE also designed a Personal Financial Wellness course for selected beneficiaries in the BayaniJuan community.
  • Bayan EDGE has invested Php 250,000 in Woven Crafts, a social enterprise start-up dedicated to uplifting the lives of weavers, embroiderers and sewers in Basey, Samar by supporting the production of the tikog banig as an economically and culturally relevant livelihood.
  • As of December 2016, Woven Craft registered sales of Php 743,843, a net worth of Php 304,085, and was directly engaged with 26 weavers, six embroiderers and two sewers.

Beneficiary testimonials

Let our members reviews prove our academy.


Everything that we had taken up (in the training) , even if we are already using it, it really increases our skills and knowledge in terms of new technology (Apps). I really appreciate it. Thank you Bayan Academy!

Nilda Cruz
Science Area Supervisor, Quezon City Academy

Thank you so much to Bayan Family for the opportunity given to us to leverage on our technical skills. Our knowledge has been been deepened by the insights fed to us in this remarkable training. May we have more opportunities to dwell in the future which is related to information technology. The Lord bless you more po.

Paglinawan, Nissi Jea Canencia
Trainee, Lanao del Norte

Thank you Bayan Academy and BPI foundation for this wonderful program it help me improve my knowledge and for the additional income. God Bless and more power.

Mirasol Amaquin
Freelance, Baker

I have learned a lot from this training and opportunity provided for free training. thank you very much

Marilou Singian
Freelance, Baker

Thank you so much Bayan Academy. All the knowledge and skills that we learned from the training will help us to be an effective and efficient educator in this new normal.

Ariane Montemayor
Faculty, Assumpta Technical High School

As a mentee of the BPI SEAL SEGA program, i am grateful for the opportunities and resources provided to help me gro my business. Through webinars, mentoring sessions, and cash grant, I was able to develop new skills, expand my network ,and make strategic investmnents that have resulted in significant growth for my business. The program has been instrumental in helping me achieve my goals and I would highly recommend it to any aspiring entrepreneur.

Jasmin Obatay
Proprietor, JAO Plaque Awards

I am super grateful na maging one of the SEAL SEGA winners, tunay na blessing po ito para sa aming pamilya. Thank you sa opportunity na maipagpatuloy namin ang aming business na sinimulan pa ng aming mga magulang noon. big help po ito not only to us but also to people na magiging bahagi ng negosyo namin. To God be all the glory!

Maribel Dolz
Owner, Mabz Homemade Food Trading

BPI SEAL SEGA sealed my belief that whatever you put your heart into, you will succeed. Through this program, Kusina University gave the chance to review how best it can serve its customers that led to our nomination to the "2023 Go Negosyo's Most Inspiring Filipina Entrepreneur"

Jane Vitorillo
Coach, Kusina University

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