BPI SEAL Expanding my Opportunities

July 16, 2024
2:00 PM to 3:15 PM
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The BPI Foundation, Inc. and Bayan Academy invite you to the webinar of BPI SEAL-BEGIN. In partnership with the Department of Agriculture - ADePt-TBI - DA RFO 02, the online webinar of the BPI SEAL "Expanding my Opportunities" will be on Tuesday, July 16, 2024, from 2:00 - 3:15 PM via Zoom and Bayan Academy Facebook Live.

"Expanding my Opportunities" webinar will introduce business incubation concepts, and the process that enterprises go through to develop their products and services, and the agencies that provide these opportunities.

This activity is part of BPI SEAL 2024 presented by BPI Foundation in partnership with Bayan Academy.READY TO ACCELERATE WITH SEAL SEGA?

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