BPI SEAL SEGA: Step Up Forum

April 17, 2024 (Accomplished)
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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In 2023, BPI Foundation and Bayan Academy were able to provide entrepreneurship training programs to 50 microenterprises and 140 nano enterprises. The 20 micro-enterprises were assisted with grants,  and mentoring sessions to improve their business operations while the 50 nano-enterprises underwent mentoring that focused on the betterment of their business plans. Through these interventions, SEAL-SEGA accomplished its goal of assisting further existing entrepreneurs to sustain and grow their enterprises.

The forum derived from the recommendations of the stakeholders to address various challenges raised not only in the BPI SEAL SEGA programs but also in the current situation of MSEs in the Philippines. Various government, e-commerce, and SEAL SEGA entrepreneurs will be invited to this hybrid event that shall tackle the following themes:

  • Start - Startup entrepreneurs have inhibitions in legalizing their businesses. Through government agencies present in the forum, they will be hearing first-hand opportunities and processes that should help their enterprises in the initial cycle of scaling up the business.
  • Sell - Businesses are always eager to widen their market reach and increase their sales. Startup enterprises will be introduced to e-commerce platforms and applications that will help them expand their reach and manage their sales.
  • Sustain - Whether hefty challenges of shifting the business online or finding resources, the forum will have speakers who will discuss finding solutions to keep the business up and running.

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