PAREF Rosehill School

The educational philosophy of Rosehill School is inspired by the teachings of St. Josemaría Escrívá on education, that the parents are the primary educators of their children. It is in the family that children learn good habits and develop character traits that mold them into better persons in the future.

As a child goes to school to learn, she also forms relationships with peers and the people around her. It is in this atmosphere that she discovers her interests, develops friendships, and improves her skills.  It is also where she finds opportunities to hone her talents and grow in virtue, as she takes on the responsibilities of a student and deal with people in the larger community.

Rosehill School believes in providing an integral education to the students, which addresses all the aspects of the human person–physical, social, intellectual, moral and spiritual. And this can happen through home-school collaboration, which is best achieved through mentoring. The commitment of partnership among parents, teachers and students helps build a unity of values at school and home – making education truly integral and dynamic.

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