Small businesses are vital engines of economic growth that is inclusive and sustainable. They are the backbone of our communities, employing millions and enabling access to basic goods and services, especially for marginalized groups.

Digital transformation, accelerated by the pandemic, has created new challenges and opportunities for small businesses. It has changed what they can do to thrive, but also what they must do to survive. Many small businesses are struggling to make effective use of digital technologies, and some remain excluded entirely.

Digital transformation has also fundamentally changed how small businesses can - and should - be supported, and has expanded the landscape of players pivotal to their growth; digital platforms, super apps, fintechs and others now play a crucial role.

This program unites these organizations as the Strive Community. With philanthropic support from the Mastercard Impact Fund, we work with partners to meet small businesses where they are and support them with innovative digital and data-first solutions. By working together we can strengthen small businesses and unleash their full potential to catalyze inclusive growth.