Quezon City Academy

Quezon City Academy is a learning institution that provides quality education at the least cost and develop leaders in effective, creative, and productive communication to meet the global competition of the next century.

QCA students now talk of leadership and citizenship training as an integral part of their education in the academy, matter-of-factly. The fight for academic honors is very keen but healthy. Students are strongly proud of their school discipline in developing leaders. A student leader can be quoted in the proclamation before a gathering of parents and teachers: "Kami'y sumusunod sapagkat kami ang nagpapatupad." 

QCA has graduates who have topped professional board and bar examinations. The Academy has been receiving many reports that many of its students are either in the dean's or president's lists and many have been graduating with honors in colleges and universities, including the University of the Philippines.

But the vision of President Alvendia is one that has to be attained year after year. Students come and go. New students have to be trained into leaders. So, there is a continuing need for internalization of the vision. And the guidelines to follow in order to make the mission meaningful. Thus groups of students, teachers parents, alumni, and administrative officials participated in in sectoral workshops on how to attain the vision. Thus, sectoral or group mission statements and strategies for doing so were formulated, with the hope that with these guideposts on the road, the traveler can easily wend his way to the attainment of the vision sustained by the age-old-axiom: "Ang lumilingon sa pinanggalingan, ay nakakarating sa paroroonan."


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