RAMCAR Group of Companies

RAMCAR started as a manufacturer of batteries but has since expanded to other businesses as diverse as fast food (KFC, Mister Donut, Tokyo Tokyo and Malcom cafes), metal works, real estate development and furniture. The group has developed into one fine example of vertical integration. Ramcar Technology Inc., the group engaged in machine and steel fabrication, also produces kitchen equipment for the food group. The food group gets its meat from its own poultry farm while the battery recycling plant recovers lead and plastic to supply more than half of the materials needed for battery production. Key operations are located in Ramcar’s 10,000 hectare industrial park in Sta. Maria, Bulacan.

Ramcar’s workforce runs to the thousands. Total personnel for the battery group alone is 3,000, counting both regular employs and project hires. Less than 50 percent are project based. The workforce for the food group is bigger since aside from its food outlets, it has the poultry farm and dressing plant.

Excluding management, administration, finance and other support staff, the general jobs across the businesses include engineers (mechanical/electrical/electronics) to supervise the plants, supervisors to oversee production lines, machinists to operate all types of machines used, repair and maintenance personnel, and service crew for the fast food outlets.

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