Health Ecosystem Research

Start Date: March 01, 2018

End Date: October 31, 2019

Status : Complete

Through the years, Zuellig Family Foundation (ZFF) has been implementing programs to strengthen the local health ecosystems in various jurisdictions. It provides capacity building interventions for local government units (LGUs) so these LGUs could better serve its constituents with regard to the different facets of health care. With a long term commitment to this mission, ZFF, with the help of Bayan Academy’s services, is now aiming to become the authority in local health system capacity building and management.

To know the critical stakeholders, structures, and dynamics in a local health ecosystem (from the national, regional, provincial, municipal/city, barangay levels)

Health ecosystem study of Bataan 1/1
Manual for conducting a health ecosystem study 1/1

To assess the universal health care readiness of Zuellig Family Foundation's beneficiary provinces

Outputs Target Date Accomplishment Date Status
Field activities to conduct the health ecosystem study of Bataan March 01, 2018 - May 31, 2018 July 01, 2018 Done
Presentation to Zuellig Family Foundation July 01, 2018 July 01, 2018 Done
Presentation to the LGU of Bataan November 01, 2018 November 01, 2018 Done

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