Digital: The Boost with Facebook digital marketing series aims to help Pinoy MSMEs navigate business challenges in the new normal

Aug 20, 2020
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Digital: The Boost with Facebook digital marketing series aims to help Pinoy MSMEs navigate business challenges in the new normal

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Boost with Facebook, an 11-episode series for micro-, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), is now running its eighth episode, and has garnered close to half a million views. The weekly digital marketing series, premiered in July, and provides valuable insights, strategies, and practical tips to equip entrepreneurs with online marketing skills and help them bounce back. It also features inspiring Filipino entrepreneurs sharing their journey in taking their business online.

Facebook launched Boost with Facebook in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry and Bayan Academy. The series is the evolution of the Facebook Community Boost program which reached over 1,000 MSMEs across different cities in the Philippines in 2019.

The digital marketing series airs online every Wednesday at 2 p.m. on the Facebook for Business Page.

Expanding Business Reach Through Social Media

When Nene Tamayo a.k.a. Commander Nene began experimenting with cooking her own bangus in olive oil back in 2010, turning it into a business had not crossed her mind. But after sharing her creation with family and friends who loved it, she received her first batch of orders to be sent out by a family friend as Christmas giveaways.

She initially ventured into artisanal bottled foods by joining food bazaars in 2011 and expanded her product offerings to include Tinapa in Olive Oil, Tuyo in Corn Oil, and Pickled Chili. As her project started to gain steam, she eventually set up a Facebook page for Nene Prime Foods.

According to Nene, she basically launched her business via Facebook. She created the Nene Prime Foods Facebook page in 2012, even before she decided to take on the business full-time in 2014. Through the page, she was able to reach more customers, with some placing orders all the way from Japan and the UK.

From participating in Facebook’s digital marketing training program in 2019, Nene learned the importance of honing your digital skills and why as an entrepreneur, you should be open to technology. She emphasized that making use of available Facebook and Messenger features really helped her connect more effectively with her customers.

“Ang pinakagusto ko sa Facebook page is pwede kang mag-setup ng auto-response in Messenger so at least, hindi iisipin ng customer na dine-deadma mo ‘yung messages or inquiries niya,” shared Nene in the first episode of Boost with Facebook. “Aside from auto-response, we’ve also created saved replies for FAQs asked by the clients, which enabled us to respond faster to their queries.”

From making the rounds in various bazaars, Nene Prime Foods’ Facebook page is now her main ordering platform. “I actually tell my customers na para mas madali po ‘yung transaction natin, send us a message on our Facebook page. Ang laking tulong, kasi convenient na, mabilis pa, and at no cost at all,” she added.

Jocyl Gobres-Militar, for her part, took things a step further by creating a chatbot to facilitate smoother and more efficient transactions for her business, Jocyl’s Foods Chorizo De Kalibo.

Jocyl’s Food Products has been an established microenterprise since 1991, manufacturing processed meat products such as chorizo and tocino. They’ve had their Facebook page as early as 2009, but had not maximized it until a business dilemma struck.

With the closure of Boracay back in 2018, Jocyl’s Foods Chorizo De Kalibo suffered serious losses. But after attending the Facebook Boost event in Kalibo, Aklan earlier in the same year, Jocyl decided with confidence to make the move to digitize their operations, so they can continue selling their products even without foot traffic on the island. “We recognized the need to innovate to keep our business updated with technology. As Messenger evolves, we also evolve. We started using chatbots to save time answering the same questions over and over again,” shared Jocyl.

As the pivot to digital is now even more crucial for businesses, the Boost with Facebook online series aims to continue equipping MSMEs with knowledge and resources so they can maximize Facebook’s tools, and build resilience.

In the upcoming episodes of Boost with Facebook, viewers can find out more about Jocyl’s story and how she drove business results using Facebook Messenger as well as effective advertising strategies, how to start conversations with potential customers, and creating better ads with Facebook Ads Manager tools.

Experts at Facebook, as well as featured guests from successful enterprises will share their knowledge and experience in growing their business and how they are taking their business forward in the time of a pandemic.

Catch new episodes of Boost with Facebook every Wednesday, 2 p.m. on the Facebook for Business page until Sept. 9.

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