Dr. Morato talks about Transformational Leadership During and After COVID

Posted under bayan on May 18, 2020
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The Asian Institute Management (AIM) Alumni Association of India conducts its 28th webinar session with Dr. Eduardo Morato Jr.'s talk on Transformational Leadership During and After COVID.

Dr. Eduardo Morato Jr. started the session with the three major disruptions in the past which changed the entire political, technological and economical and customer behavior. Dr. Eduardo Morato Jr. expanded that when the manager is problem oriented then the business is focused on the past or present threats but opportunities are not discussed. Hence, in the startups the focus has to be about the futuristic opportunities and not the problems. The leader is supposed to embrace the fear and have a vision to proceed in the futuristic vision.

Dr. Eduardo Morato Jr. explained that the probability of Covid 19 pandemic was announced in 2015. But none prepared for the pandemic. The problem is, the intelligent people refuse to acknowledge the trends, even after being aware of the trends. Managers need to listen to the trends but when the things are going well then they don’t. Dr. Eduardo Morato Jr. described that the new opportunities will bring unpredictability, hence the new crisis, so to solve the new crisis the new opportunities will arrive. Today’s forecasters uses mathematical model to predict the future but the model depends on the critical variable. However, when a pandemic comes the critical variable changes. The startup should learn and execute as per the change of the critical variable. China will no longer be the factory of the world, but they will still have much better and bigger economical and political power.

Dr. Eduardo Morato Jr. discussed about the different leadership styles and when to use which one. Coercive leadership, compassionate leadership, democratic leadership, authoritative leadership, and informational leadership styles were discussed in detail. Dr. Eduardo Morato Jr. shared we need more people with higher IQ to not only just develop the winning teams but also build the right strategies and motivate people. Dr. Eduardo Morato Jr. said that after the crisis, we should follow “ M I N D “ - Motivation, Innovation, Navigation, and Discipline while during crisis, we should follow “C O R E“ - Control, Ownership, Reach, Endurance.

Dr. Eduardo Morato Jr. said, be a leader with love, altruism, and service to humanity like Bill Gates. His innovation aims to save the world. Lastly he advised don’t drive into the future looking at the rear view mirror.

This article was originally written and posted unde the AIM Alumni Association of India's Youtube Channel for their video entitled Transformational Leadership During and After COVID posted on May 16, 2020.

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