No Age Limit To Learning: A Grassroots Program from the Heart of JPMorgan

Posted under great on January 20, 2014
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The previous two cycles have seen 73 students graduate from the Technopreneurship programs of Bayan Academy, namely, Commercial Cooking, Hairdressing, Beauty Care, and Massage and Nail Care. The scholars came from BASECO, one of the most stigmatized areas in Metro Manila. The program aims to equip them with the tools to rise above societal restrictions.
Commercial Cooking
Twenty of the JPMC scholars chose the Commercial Cooking course. Most are in the employable ages of 18 to 30 years old and decided to join the program to make a difference for their respective families.
During their training, they were taught standard procedures for Hot Kitchen, Cold Kitchen and Baking and Pastry to shape them into capable workers for restaurants, hotels, and the kitchens of cruise ships. With Bayan Academy’s classes on Entrepreneurship and Management, they were also given the tools to start their own small businesses. The course fully prepared them for whichever type of work they would pursue after graduation by imparting lessons in values formation, surviving job interviews, etiquette in the workplace, and writing effective resumes.

After their laboratory training, the JPMC scholars were deployed for their on-the-job training (OJT). Some of them worked in restaurants and bakeshops as trainees and eventually for full time employment. Students who decided not to work outside of Baseco planned to join Kusina ng Baseco, a guild formed by Bayan Academy’s previous graduates. At present, the guild offers catering services to the community and sells yema and polvoron sweets in schools around the area. Some graduates also plan to start their own small eateries or sell cooked meals as a family enterprise.
The technopreneurship course on hairdressing started on February 5, 2013 with 20 JPMC scholars. Bayan Academy partnered with Reyes International School of Cosmetology for the 40-day program, including a week of on-the-job training.
During the training, students were taught haircutting techniques for men and women, hair coloring, and hair perming. As part of the training, the scholars were asked to bring their own models during classes.
Beauty Care

The Beauty Care program for BASECO scholars began on February 19, 2013 and will finish on April 25, 2013 with 14 participants. The training is for 39 days including a week of OJT. The program covers hands-on training in Nail Care (manicure and pedicure), facial spa, foot spa, body massage and waxing, with
Technopreneurship topics in Opportunity Seeking, Screening and Seizing (OSS); Customer Profiling; Quality Delivery and Price/Input; Throughput and Output; Human Resources; Finance and Business Planning.
After the program, scholars have a choice to start their livelihood activities by offering home service care or working for Reyes Hair Cutters and other Bayan Academy partners.
Community Outreach

The class conducted a three-day community service in BASECO from March 6 to 8. It was held in the Barangay Children Protection Program Building (March 6 and 7) and the Senior Citizen’s Center (March 8). The scholars served 347 children and senior citizens by providing free haircut, manicure and pedicure services. This number includes those who were invited as models in Bayan Academy.

The scholars learned more efficiently and effectively during the community service because of the actual number of customers and the focus on customer satisfaction. Apart from being a good training ground for them, the experience also helped them increase their self-confidence.


Stories of Success and Inspiration

Josefina Cabaltera, Hairdressing Scholar
In this year’s batch, Josefina Cabaltera at age 48 is the eldest in the class and acts as the students’ mother. She’s never considered age as a limitation to learning new skills, “Hindi ko na inisip kung ang mga classmate ko ay halos apo ko na, at pinag-memorize pa kami ng mga termino tungkol sa buhok, nahirapan ako pero ayus lang, ang mahalaga matuto ako.”

Nanay Josefina also topped this year’s class in Haircutting. She was recommended by her instructor, Jessie Lagadon of Reyes Hair Cutters to be exempted from her OJT and to be employed immediately after her Technopreneurship class. Even before she has finished the course, an interview for a post in a beauty salon in Makati City is already awaiting her.
Lovelle Gregorio, Beauty Care Scholar
Lovelle Gregorio graduated April of 2012 and grabbed the opportunities in the beauty care industry. She was immediately hired as a beautician by Reyes Hair Cutters in its M alacañang Branch and now in Sta. Mesa Branch as massage therapist. She also does home service in different areas during her free days.
Lovelle is now 46 years old, separated, and a mother of four and a grandmother of two. She was originally from Sorsogon, but had been working in Manila as a laundress during weekdays in Pasig and as a vegetable vendor in Divisoria on weekends since 1989. She migrated to BASECO after her husband left them in 2001, and she had witnessed its development as an urban poor resettlement area from its origins as a barren dumpsite.
In order to meet her family’s needs and inspired by the graduates of Batch 1, she decided to join the program.
“At first, I thought I was already too old to be trained. But I did not mind it. What is important to me is to help my family, bring food to the table and to send my children to school. I will not disappoint JPMorgan for helping me to study.”

She continues to work as an all-around beautician at Reyes Hair Cutters with a sizeable client base. She remembers her first day, though, as apprehension-filled. She wasn’t confident in her own abilities yet, but she reminded herself of her promise not to disappoint JPMC and Bayan Academy. Since then, she has worked with a sure countenance and has earned a good reputation for her talents.
“I have no one else to thank but Bayan Academy, JPMorgan, and Reyes Hair Cutters for the lessons they continue to provide me as their beautician. The skills I acquired at Bayan Academy gave me complete confidence and set me apart from many. This is my career, and I absolutely love my job. I’m happily able to support my family.”

Evangeline Ecleo, Senior Haircutter, Reyes Haircutters
Hairdressing NC II Graduate, JPMC Scholar

Like many rural poor, Evangeline decided to go to Manila from her province in Samar at the age of 18 to search for a better life. A promdi young lady with full of hope to have a better future, she looked for jobs while in Manila. Aside from just a high school graduate, she also has a physical imperfection—with a cleft palate. Because of this, she had a hard time getting employed.
Evangeline got married at the age of 20. She is now a mother of four children, ages 14, 12, 8 and 5, respectively. Her family settled in BASECO, Manila. Her husband works as a kargador at the port area with below minimum daily wage.
Evangeline’s family was one of the 500 beneficiaries of the JPMorgan Chase sponsored families in BASECO Manila in 2011.
With increasing needs of her family, Evangeline decided to make a difference for her family’s future by applying as a scholar of JPMC Entrepreneurship Education for Community Development. She was accepted to study at the Bayan Academy’s TESDA-accredited Hairdressing NC II Program. The program allowed its graduates to pursue their on-the-job-training (OJT) at Reyes Haircutters, the salon of Reyes International School of Cosmetology (RISC), a partner of Bayan Academy.

“Noong una nanginginig pa ang mga kamay ko sa pag hawak ng gunting, hindi ko alam kung kakayanin ko. Ang u na kong ginupitan sa Bayan Academy ay ang aking. Hindi niya nagustuhan ang gupit kaya hindi ako kinausap ng halos dalawang buwan,” Evangeline recalled. Criticisms did not stop Evangeline to study hard and develop her skills.
After her daily 30-day training, she looked for neighbors who wanted to be her model-clients. She cuts their hair for free in order to continuously practice her skills. Evangeline became one of the best students in her class of 18 students.
On her OJT, she was assigned as Hairdresser in RHC- Sta. Mesa Branch on March 5, 2012. Due to her good performance, Evangeline was absorbed as Junior Haircutter on March 19, 2013. During her first three months at the branch, she worked as an Apprentice Haircutter with a minimal salary of Php 3,000 per month excluding tips from her customers and commissions from the jobs she did. She received an average of Php 150.00 per day tip and Php 2,000.00 commission per month.
“Sa umpisa halos sumuko na ako, kasi wala naman akong customer. Minsan naiiyak ako kasi sa isang araw wala akong nagugupitan at wala man lang akong naiuuwi na tip. Abonado pa ako sa pagkain at pamasahe ko. Sinabihan na ako ng asawa ko na tumigil na lang at mag alaga ng mga anak ko, kasi minsan nag kakasakit na sila,” Evangeline shared.
Evangeline was challenged and strived further. With the help of her co-workers in the salon, she continuously studied, persevered and showed interest in her craft. Last July 2012 she was chosen by her branch as its “Employee of the Month” awardee.

She got promoted as Regular Haircutter of RHC on November 2012. On January 15, 2013, Evangeline took the competency exam of RISC for Senior Haircutters. She passed the examination and promoted as Senior Haircutter.
Evangeline’s dream is now becoming a reality. “Marami na ang nagbago sa buhay namin. Hindi man kami yumayaman pa, pero ngayon mas nakakabili na ako ng mga pangangailangan namin. Mas nakakakain nang sapat ang mga anak ko at nakakabili na rin ako ng mga bagong damit para sa amin.”

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