Bayan Academy concretizes   ABS-CBN Bayan Foundation’s commitment to democratize entrepreneurship and management education as its way of uplifting the lives of the Filipinos and building the nation from below. The Bayan Academy offers various entrepreneurship, management, and education training programs for development institutions, cooperatives, banks, educational institutions, and micro and small enterprises.  It also provides livelihood and skills training courses to equip microfinance clients with the necessary skills to put up micro-enterprises or obtain jobs or employment.

More than just a training facility, the Bayan Academy  is a learning hub and a laboratory for developing new learning methodologies and technologies for teaching entrepreneurship and management and for developing
innovative learning materials that cater to the entrepreneurial poor. The Academy provides the opportunity to enhance and propagate the human resource training program for organizations that ABS-CBN Bayan has developed which places emphasis on value formation and accountability. Likewise, ABS- CBN Bayan envisions  Bayan  Academy  as a center for social entrepreneurship not just in the Philippines but in the whole of Asia.


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